Our Mission:

To be a leader of, and passionate advocate for, healthy living through evidence-based knowledge, balanced diet, quality nutritional supplements, and a balanced, purpose-driven lifestyle.

- The Staff at Nature's Garden Market & Café

Nature's Garden is the creation of owner Mike Wiechmann. Twenty years ago, Mike was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and given no hope for relief of the ailment from conventional medicine. Working with a naturopathic doctor in Austin, Mike was able to regain his health by changing his lifestyle, and he now maintains a rigorous eating and exercise regimen. In 2001, Mike started the original Nature's Garden store in the Kroger's shopping center to help people who were struggling with their own health. As he visited with folks and tried to help them embrace a healthier lifestyle, he frequently heard the complaint - "But Mike, there is no healthy place for me to eat!" His dream became to start an organic cafe. That dream has come to fruition at Nature's Garden Market & Cafe. The cafe features organic or natural foods and the shop has a variety of supplements, personal care items, groceries, and even pet care items. Many gluten free products are constantly in stock and on the menu as well. And Mike? He's now a certified herbalist and lifestyle educator. Mike is frequently seen coming out of the consulting room where he spends a majority of his time helping people with their lifestyle or health issues. Whether you are new to the neighborhood or a long standing customer, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Our Team

Founder and President of Nature's Garden: Mike Wiechmann
Mike is our resident nutritional consultant/herbalist and the primary force behind the success of our store. Prior to establishing this business he lost his health to an autoimmune disorder, fibromyalgia. Mike's recovery was achieved through lifestyle changes and natural remedies after failing to get relief through traditional medicine. This was the motivating factor in establishing a center where people could learn about natural solutions and the impact of their habits on the quality of their life. Mike is an active member of a local community church. He participates in their choir as well.

Our General Manager Mary Kester
Mary comes to us after a twelve year career with Intel as a start-up training manager. She brought her gifts of management, systems, and organizational skills as well as a well-grounded knowledge of both building and organizing start-ups.  She is also a Level 3 EFT (Emotional Freedome Techniques) practioner.

Our Store

Nature's Garden has been in Friendswood, Texas since 2001. It is distinctive in its level of personal service and counseling provided to each customer as well as the educational opportunities provided via informational handouts, workshops, and newsletters. It was one of the first health food stores and providers of organic products in Friendswood. Our focus here is on providing customers with exemplary personal attention, informal and professional nutritional counseling and education. We will support your healthy lifestyles with quality, whole food based vitamins and supplements.

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